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Children & Young People's Research Network
The Children and Young People's Research Network is hosted by the Institute of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, part of the

School of Medicine at Cardiff University and was funded in 2006 by the Welsh Government to promote research & development in

The network works closely with the research and development infrastructure service, NISCHR CRC (National Institute for Social Care

& Health Research Clinical Research Centre) and in 2010 became one of 17 NISCHR Registered Research Groups. Since that time

CYPRN has proven itself to be a highly successful research network having received over £53 million in research funding since its

CYPRN is led by Professor Sailesh Kotecha and is governed by an Executive Steering Committee with its primary aim to support the

development of high quality research into Children and Young People’s Health across Wales.
The network strives to achieve this aim by establishing in excess of 10 Research Development Groups annually which are funded

through a competitive process. The RDGs are assessed on the amount of funding they win from high quality, peer reviewed grant

applications together with the number of papers that have been accepted to peer reviewed journals.
The hope is that in the long term, the main achievement of CYPRN will be to improve child health throughout Wales and that the high

quality research stimulated and supported by the network will provide an evidence base for future child health policy and practice. 


Our Aims:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the delivery of large-scale research studies that will translate basic science into ways of aiding the

    health of children and young people.

  • Broaden the scope and capacity of health resources for children and young people, including the participation of children and

    young people in the research process. 

  • Help identify and develop new research into children and young people's health.

  • Raise the standard of health research for children and young people within Wales, the UK and internationally.
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    Latest news

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    7 April 2014
    The European Parliament voted in favour of new clinical trials regulations on the 2nd April 2014.
    BBC News: Access to Specialists Call for Childhood Obesity
    28 March 2014
    National Assembly for Wales Committee calls for improved monitoring and services to combat childhood obesity.
    BBC News: Faulty ‘delayed puberty’ Gene Found
    28 March 2014
    UK scientists have discovered a gene error which delays puberty and could improve treatment to help youngsters reach puberty.

    Last updated: 07/04/2014