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Nurse Prescribing Support Network/Non Medical prescribers Support Network

The South Wales Nurse Prescribing Forum/Non medical Prescribers Forum, which includes representation from  Health Boards, Higher Education Institutes, Public Health Wales, community formulary Nurse prescribers, Supplementary and Independent Prescribers has recognised there is a need to support Prescribers in updating their skills, and have developed this website as one means of updating and helping to meet the competencies and patient safety required for independent prescribing by non medical prescribers.

This website has been developed to enable prescribers to easily access information. 

The site is regularly updated and if you wish to add information to the site or need further information please contact either your  Nurse Manager, your Nurse Director/Senior Nurse at  Health Board Level or, Senior Nurse Primary Care Development, NHS Business Services Centre South East Region.

Last updated: 18/03/2011