28th IABCR / Breakthrough Breast Cancer Conference: Stromal-epithelial interactions in breast cancer development and progression

Palace Hotel, Manchester

The Conference will encompass breast cancer development and progression with an emphasis on the influence of the stromal environment. It aims to bring together cutting edge experts in these areas with young investigators to discuss the important role of stroma and its role in cellular adhesion, stem cell activity, migration and metastasis.

There will be sessions focused on breast cancer development, precursor lesions, invasive cancer and metastatic disease. The goal of the meeting will be to stimulate discussion that connects an understanding of stromal epithelial interactions with the alterations that occur during tumourigenic progression.
Time will be allotted for discussion, to allow researchers to communicate their most recent data and diverse perspectives. Participation from post-doctoral scientists and graduate students will be encouraged through the selection of short talks from submitted abstracts and the ample time set aside for poster sessions.
The overall objective is to highlight the potential that targeting the stromal environment will have for improving breast cancer treatment.
For more information visit: www.mcrc.manchester.ac.uk/conference