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ResearchBackground and Policy Context

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer  (OCMO) uses research, monitoring and evaluation to help make better public health policies and deliver better services.
One of its research themes is the Welsh Health Survey which is a major source of information about the health of people in Wales, the way they use health services, and the things that can affect people's health.
The National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR)aims to support the creation of high-quality evidence to both inform policy and benefit patients and the public. NISCHR also commissions and directly funds R&D activity, contract managing projects and initiatives to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Research Infrastructure and Networks

This section contains information on the research and development infrastructure in Wales, including the Clinical Research Collaboration Cymru (CRC Cymru), the All Wales Alliance of Research and Development (AWARD), the Wales Gene Park, the Wales Cancer Bank, and the Wales Cancer Research Network.

Public Health Research

There are a number of public health related units and organisations that undertake research and development. Below is a list of such organisations that are involved in data and/or evidence and are linked to Wales.
Information on the Public Health Improvement Research Network is also available.