Get involved

Public and Patient InvolvementInvolving the public and patients is key to health service planning and is a major driver for service improvement. It can also lead to a better patient experience.
People who use the NHS, patients and carers can play an important role in shaping their service by getting involved in local consultations. We encourage  feedback on the quality of care and treatment as well as the environment of the ward, surgery or department in which you receive it.

We would like patients and the public to let us know if they have concerns or suggestions about improving services.

You can do this by contacting your Local Health Board - contact details can be found at the link below:

Community Health Councils are independent statutory organisations that represent the interests of the patient and the public in the National Health Service. They are the independent NHS ‘watchdogs’ in Wales concerned with all aspects of NHS care and treatment.

Your local Community Health Council consists of voluntary members who work to ensure that patient needs and views are taken into consideration in the planning and delivery of local NHS services.