About this website


Health in Wales is an outcome of a Patient and Carer Empowerment (PCE) project commissioned by Informing Healthcare (now the NHS Wales Informatics Service) for the Welsh Assembly Government to enable people in Wales to become far more involved in their health. One way is to provide reliable information about essential health matters.
The PCE project was informed by an overriding NHS Wales Portal Strategy which recommended the development of two websites targeted towards different user groups. NHS Wales Direct is a portal aimed at the general public with a focus on individuals and their dependants' health and health service needs. Health in Wales is the organisational portal of NHS Wales, hosted by Public Health Wales and replaced the Health Of Wales Information System (HOWIS) internet site in summer 2010.


Health in Wales aims to provide the people of Wales, including NHS staff, academia, media and partner organisations, with access to links to information from the NHS in Wales and its partner organisations, about the health of the population of Wales, and health and social care services provided by NHS Wales. It is the point of access for information on what we, the NHS in Wales, do, how well we do it, how and who to contact, available jobs and the careers we offer.


Using the website

The website is theme-based with a focus on topics like major health conditions, lifestyles and population groups. In these pages you can find topic-specific links to relevant policies, services, national programmes, local initiatives, publications and statistics.


The Home page offers a quick postcode search to local GP, dentists, hospital and pharmacy services under the heading "Find Local Services".
The Directory lets you browse for services by Local Health Board locality or by service type:
A general Site Search is available from all pages and uses Google search technologies to retrieve links and descriptive help text to relevant resources.
An advanced Search is also offered on the general search results pages. This lets you refine your search terms and filter your search for improved results if you can't find what you are looking for initially.
The Document Search function offers a database search for a number of fields including the document title, author, topic, keywords and meta description. Searches can also be filtered by type, file format, and library.  You may find it helpful to select the Exact Search check box to refine results and order search results by clicking on the column heading links e.g. Date published.


The success of Health in Wales will ultimately depend on its usefulness in clearly signposting comprehensive, up to date and reliable links to the resources and work of all organisations and service partners of NHS Wales.
For this reason we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for improving the website and would ask that you contact us with any links which you may wish to have included on Health in Wales. Please use the form below: