Patient's Charter for Health and Social Services

05 October 2000, Board of Community Health Councils in Wales

The Assembly intends to publish a new Patients' Charter, this time to include both health and social care. CHCs have been organising a series of focus groups across Wales to ask the public what their views are.
We have now carried out about 18 focus groups, which have been attended by both general groups and groups of the public with specific interests, such as disabled patients, young people, pensioners, and the homeless. We have collated the views of a number of people across Wales, and these will be fed into the Assembly. These will be put before further workshops across Wales with NHS staff and Social Services Staff, and at the end of this time a new Draft Charter will emerge which will go out to consultation. Any views that you have in the interim can be sent to us via our feedback page, and will be included in our final report.