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Diet has an important role to play in the prevention of coronary heart disease and cancer, the main causes of death in Wales.
In Wales, as in the rest of the UK, our diet does not meet Government dietary recommendations. Integrated national and local policies and programmes are therefore required to effectively promote a healthier diet and to reduce inequalities in health. (Source: Food and Wellbeing - Food Standards Agency/Welsh Assembly Government 2003) 

Policy Context

This Food Strategy for Wales – Food for Wales, Food from Wales 2010-2020 – sets out a wide ranging vision of the place of food in Wales.

The Eating Disorders A Framework for Wales 2009 was produced by Public Health Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government to help improve Eating Disorder Services in Wales.

The Appetite for Life Action Plan 2007 sets out the strategic direction and actions required to improve the nutritional standards of food and drink provided in schools in Wales.

Investing in a Better Start: Promoting Breastfeeding in Wales 2001 sets out the long term strategy to raise the percentage of breastfeeding mothers in Wales.

Food and fitness - promoting healthy eating and physical activity for children and young people in Wales.5 year implementation plan (Welsh Assembly Government 2006) communicates the actions which being put in place to improve the nutrition and levels of physical activity of children and young people in Wales.



Service Planning

In 2006 the Public Health Wales Health Information Analysis Team produced a Health Needs Assessment: Nutrition and Obesity document to assist local health partnerships with the 2006 round of health needs assessment in preparation for their Health, Social Care and Well-being (HSCWB) Strategies. Topics covered in this chapter include: health diet (e.g. fruit and vegetable consumption),body weight (overweight and obese) and dieting in children. 

In addition to the local HSCWB Strategies produced by local authorities in Wales, a number of local authorities, through partnership working, have produced local strategies relating to food and nutrition. These aim to define how the county borough will manage various aspects of food and nutrition, to improve the health of it’s population.  Examples are available for download below:

Service Delivery

National Programmes

The Physical Activity and Nutrition Networks for Wales website contains information about the Nutrition Network for Wales latest news and events, research and evaluation, policies and strategies, target groups, campaigns, community initiatives, sources of funding, and workforce development. The Networks are for all individuals, organisations and sectors with a role to play in improving nutrition and levels of physical activity in Wales. They support members by providing and improving access to information and by providing a forum for sharing knowledge and good practice, enabling members to learn from each other.
Health Challenge Wales has been developed with the aim of encouraging small changes in health behaviour which can lead to significant increases in life expectancy. Taking moderate exercise and eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day has been shown to add a further three years. It signposts members of the public to information or activity to help them improve their own health. It also engages with organisations to look after the health of their staff and customers.
MEND – Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it! is a Wales-wide scheme that helps overweight children aged 7 to 13 and their families lead healthier lives and lose weight in a fun and interactive way. 

Local Implementation/Initiatives


NICE Guidance on Obesity: the prevention, identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children covers how staff in GP surgeries and hospitals should assess whether people are overweight or obese and what they should do to help people lose weight .

Map of Medicine - Eating Disorders The Map is a web-based tool that can help drive clinical consensus to improve quality and safety in any healthcare organisation.

Map of Medicine Healthguides shows you the ideal, evidence-based patient journey for common and important conditions. It is a high-level overview that can be shared by patients and healthcare providers.

Public Health Wales Observatory has published a webpage which includes links to key policy documents detailing targets, data sources including European statistics and reviews of evidence.



Data Sources

The Welsh Health Survey includes self-reported information about health related lifestyle of people living in Wales. The survey informaiton is available at the local authority level. Results for Children are reported at the all-Wales level.

The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Survey is a cross-national research study conducted in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Europe. The study aims to gain new insight into young people's health behaviours. Data are available at a national (Wales) level only. 

StatsWales is a data web resource provided by the Welsh Assembly Government. Physical activity data from the Welsh Health Survey by year, age and sex for Wales are included.