Nid yw'r tudalen hwn ar gael yn Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Dyma'r fersiwn Saesneg.

Iechyd meddwl

Mental Health MeasurePeople with mental health problems should receive the same priority as people with physical problems. Mental illness and mental problems occur in patients of all ages and backgrounds, and in many different forms with specialised needs. Primary care services provide a great deal of assistance to the management of patients with mental illness.

The Royal College of Psychiatrist’s, and the British Association for Emergency Medicine has recommended specific response times for mental health services providing a service to emergency departments.

The Mental Health (Wales) Measure (which received Royal Approval in December 2010) is concerned with local primary mental health support services, care coordination and care and treatment planning within secondary mental health services, assessment of former users of secondary mental health services and independent mental health advocacy.

Self-harm is one of the top five reasons for admission to hospital for emergency medical treatment, accounting for up to 170,000 admissions in the UK each year. Self-poisoning, mainly through overdose, accounts for a significant number of hospital admissions following self harm, or self initiated injury for example, cutting, burning, asphyxiation or jumping from a height.

A major focus for mental health within the AOF 2010/2011 was to implement the intelligent targets programme around depression and dementia.